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I Don’t Cook A Lot But …

Are you someone who cooks for yourself a lot? If you are, then you will find that the toaster oven is an amazingly handy appliance for the job. A good toaster oven in your kitchen means that you can cook virtually anything by heating, toasting, roasting, grilling and baking it. Grill some of your favorite veggies, roast some chicken to go with it, and then bake a batch of muffins to top it off. Not to mention that you can use it to make toast for breakfast as well. Be sure to find a toaster oven that has all those functions and has the capacity for what you want to cook.

Even if you are cooking for the whole family, using a toaster oven is convenient as well. It is a known fact that by using a toaster oven instead of a full size oven, you save on your power bills and your kitchen doesn’t heat up as much.

A study shows that the toaster oven uses less than half of the energy used by a standard oven over the same period of time. You may argue that the microwave oven uses even less energy, but remember that the microwave does not have as many functions as the toaster oven. It will not produce a roast as beautifully, for example.

So how do you go about choosing a good toaster oven? True to its name, the toaster oven works as both a toaster and an oven. In other words, it must be able to make simple toast, and yet when you need it to, it can brown meat and bake cakes. For it to do that, first the toaster oven must have sufficient power. A toaster oven without the power cannot deliver, and will result in dried toast or undercooked food. When you are shopping for your toaster oven, remember to check out the toaster oven reviews.

When you’ve found some good models with the right power and size, you might also want to look at its features such as easy control switches, cooking timer, sliding racks and removable trays. These may be trivial stuff, but when you are using the toaster oven, you will not want small troubles damping your spirits.

The toaster oven must also be easy to clean out after use. As you will be cooking meats and chicken in it, there is sure to be grease on the inner walls of the toaster oven. Removable racks and trays give you the convenience of wiping down the walls easily.

If you cook a lot, try to get a toaster oven with convection feature. Convection makes cooking easier by circulating the hot air inside the capacity of the toaster oven, so that the food will be heated all around, thus it will be cooked evenly and in a shorter time. However, do be aware that convection toaster ovens can be a little more expensive than those without this feature. A good toaster oven with such a feature would be the Cuisinart TOB-195.