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I Don’t Cook A Lot But …

Are you someone who cooks for yourself a lot? If you are, then you will find that the toaster oven is an amazingly handy appliance for the job. A good toaster oven in your kitchen means that you can cook virtually anything by heating, toasting, roasting, grilling and baking it. Grill some of your favorite veggies, roast some chicken to go with it, and then bake a batch of muffins to top it off. Not to mention that you can use it to make toast for breakfast as well. Be sure to find a toaster oven that has all those functions and has the capacity for what you want to cook.

Even if you are cooking for the whole family, using a toaster oven is convenient as well. It is a known fact that by using a toaster oven instead of a full size oven, you save on your power bills and your kitchen doesn’t heat up as much.

A study shows that the toaster oven uses less than half of the energy used by a standard oven over the same period of time. You may argue that the microwave oven uses even less energy, but remember that the microwave does not have as many functions as the toaster oven. It will not produce a roast as beautifully, for example.

So how do you go about choosing a good toaster oven? True to its name, the toaster oven works as both a toaster and an oven. In other words, it must be able to make simple toast, and yet when you need it to, it can brown meat and bake cakes. For it to do that, first the toaster oven must have sufficient power. A toaster oven without the power cannot deliver, and will result in dried toast or undercooked food. When you are shopping for your toaster oven, remember to check out the toaster oven reviews.

When you’ve found some good models with the right power and size, you might also want to look at its features such as easy control switches, cooking timer, sliding racks and removable trays. These may be trivial stuff, but when you are using the toaster oven, you will not want small troubles damping your spirits.

The toaster oven must also be easy to clean out after use. As you will be cooking meats and chicken in it, there is sure to be grease on the inner walls of the toaster oven. Removable racks and trays give you the convenience of wiping down the walls easily.

If you cook a lot, try to get a toaster oven with convection feature. Convection makes cooking easier by circulating the hot air inside the capacity of the toaster oven, so that the food will be heated all around, thus it will be cooked evenly and in a shorter time. However, do be aware that convection toaster ovens can be a little more expensive than those without this feature. A good toaster oven with such a feature would be the Cuisinart TOB-195.

Creative and Innovative

  • February 8, 2013 at 11:05 am

Living in a campus is not the most conducive to a healthy lifestyle; just ask any college student! The staple of instant ramen and pizza as main meals looks set to stay unless something is done about it and something had better be, considering that the aforementioned food items contribute directly to the obesity epidemic. But, what? The pathetic space we call kitchen in our dormitory provides barely enough space to move about without bumping into something, let alone to whip up a healthy meal.

So here’s the answer; space-saving appliances. I am talking about the innovative over the sink cutting board, the Karbon Faucet with its multiple, movable joints, an all-in-one steamer, can-cook-anything best rice cooker … you get the gist. When you think about it, the rest is really up to you now, isn’t it? And once you have got that sorted out, here are some of the things that you can do to stay healthy during your college years, cramped spaces and all.

One of the easiest and healthiest ways to cook your food is through steaming it and the best thing is, it works for practically everything! All you need is just fresh ingredients and maybe some sauces to make them more delectable. Get different types of vegetables (hint: a variety of colors, as different colors spell different nutrients) and meat and you are already halfway there. For the latter, heart-healthy choices include fatty fish high in Omega-3 like salmon and chicken but red meat is encouraged in moderate amounts as well due to their high iron and zinc content; just cut out all the fats!

For this, you can invest in a custom-fitted over the sink cutting board but if you think you have enough space, Farberware makes some of the best cutting boards. A compact refrigerator is another essential appliance to have as you will need it to keep your ingredients fresh. Stock it up with fruits and tubs of yogurt for any late night snacking to beat the stress of rushing for assignments. The trick is to not make junk food too easily available and yes, that includes sugary drinks like soda.

I am sure that this has been stressed enough, but always, always try to do some exercises. They do not always have to mean visiting the gym (do not even get me started on the woes of using the gym). If cramped spaces and a tight schedule are all that is stopping you from doing some exercises, you can opt for the simple running in one spot. It burns about the same amount of calories and the best thing is, you can perform it anywhere, and without any preparation too; no more excuses for you, young lady. All the Martha Stewart-branded over the sink cutting boards will be for nothing if you lack the willpower, and willpower in this sense also extends to dropping all flimsy excuses to wolf down another pan of pizza. I have given you a solution that you can deem an investment for your future and like all investments, this has to be asked; what do you plan to do with it?

Best Blenders for One

  • May 3, 2014 at 8:20 am

Sometimes all you want after a long and hectic day is a glass of a cold smoothie that is chunk less and flows down flawlessly. The down part to this is that it is a not easy to get a personal blender since most companies concentrate on the family more often than on an individual. However, this does not happen all the time, you can still get a good and small personal blender that will fit your needs seamlessly.

Hamilton Beach 51106T Personal Blender

This all in one personal blender will not only blend but also whip, puree and mix. With the jar designed to fit into your car’s cup holders, you can now take your smoothie on the journey with you and stay refreshed all day long. The one touch blending and the easy to clean jar will definitely add that personal feel between you and your cherished blender.

Oster BLSTPB-WBL My Blend 250-watt blender

How would you like to blend your smoothie or shake and not have to change it into another container? That would save you some minutes when you’re in a rush right? Well this Oster blender offers you exactly that. The powerful 250 watt motor and the one touch blending offers you a mix of power and personality. Should the motor overheat, it has an in-built resettable fuse that helps to revive the motor in a minimal time of 15 minutes. This helps you make several smoothies or shakes of your choice in a very short time. The plastic sport bottle is dish washer safe saving you cleaning time and ease not to mention that it is so stylish that you can take it with you. It can’t get any more personal than that.

Cuisinart CPB-300 Smart Power 15 Piece Compact Portable Blender

How would you like to match performance with a sleek stainless style design that spells elegance in the best way possible? With a variety of functions including a stand-by mode safety interlock and auto stop, this is the best personal blender that you could ever ask for. The variety of containers allows you to make a choice of the quantity of juice that you would like and also comes with indicator lights and a sleek electronic touch pad.

You can treat yourself everyday to the best smoothies and shakes courtesy of these blenders without worrying about your work going to waste because of producing too much. You can even make your blend on the go and take the stylish bottle with you. With these blenders, it is all about you and helping you make a smoothie that is only meant for you.

Look for the best selling blenders in this post.

What You Should Know About Cast Iron Cookware.

  • December 20, 2012 at 8:29 am

There are many fans of cast iron cookware. It is one of the longest forms of cookware and you would probably have seen your parents or grandparent using this cookware. Either out of sentimentality or the well known durability, many long time users considered cast iron cookware is the best cookware set. However, what do you need to know about this particular kitchen piece? Find out more in this best cookware review 2014.

  • Better density for heat

Cast iron cookware is the best cookware for holding heat as the density is suitable for stove top, oven
and even open flames. It is not surprising that some uses cast iron cookware during barbeque or camping.
Moreover, it can conduct heat evenly so you do not need to worry about particular hotspot. At the same time,
due to the density, it is a lot heavier than other common material such as glass or aluminum. However, with
proper care, it can last for many generations.

  • Special maintenance is needed

Some user makes the mistake of not taking care of cast iron cookware because of its so called durability.
Though it is one of the best cookware in the market, it does need special care. Newer models come with
non stick surface that requires seasoning before its first use and frequent re-seasoning to keep it non stick.
Seasoning a cast iron cookware is the process of adding oil or fat and heating it till it is absorb by the material.
This build up layers of fat keeps the surface as non stick. At the same time, do not wash cast iron with soap.
Just scrub it, wash it and then dry as usual. Keep it in a dry place to avoid formation of rust or even molds.

  • Cast iron cookware is healthy

You do have to face risk of cookware material seeping in your food. In the case of cast iron cookware, this could actually be quite beneficial. Iron is commonly known as one of the essential element for human in producing red blood cells. In fact, this cookware is the best cookware to use if you are looking to add more iron in you diet.

  • There is more than one type of cast iron cookware

The common feature of a cast iron cookware is the basic material. At the same time, there is other
manufacturer that focuses on its non stick surface, better heat conductivity, less heavy and easier
maintenance. These special cast iron cookwares tend to be more expensive than the standard cookware. Yet, it
can be a good investment for those looking for the best cookware famous for its durability and longevity.

Therefore, if you are looking to buy cast iron cookware, you should read on the many reviews of similar
products. This is definitely a good cookware to have at home. However, if you do not consider your own
needs and budget, this cookware might end up unused. If you are a heavy or frequent cooker, this is the best
cookware. But if you usually cook small and fast meals, you might not need cast iron cookware in the first

Using The Best Juicer To Create The Perfect Juice.

  • November 20, 2012 at 10:08 am

Do you love juices? There are many reasons to drink these healthy concoctions. Not only it is delicious and healthy, juices are also used to create other types of drinks such as smoothies and cocktail. If you are looking to start juicing and getting a top juicer machine 2014, you might need to find out what type of juices you want to prepare.

1. Simple fruit juice. 
Do you love a glass of orange juice or apple juice every morning? Do you need to prepare something quick and simple? Then the best juicer for you could be a simple hand press or manual juicer. This type of juicer does not need electrical power and is quite easy to clean and store. However, for larger quantity of juices you do need to chop the fruits to smaller pieces. You might want to do the chopping the night before and proceed to do the juicing the next morning.
2. Larger quantity of juices. 
The first choice should be a standard centrifugal juicer. This juicer uses centrifugal forces much like the spin cycle of an ordinary washing machine. This juicer is just a step up from manual juicer as you do not to use your own strength. Older folks might prefer this unit to a manual juicer. It needs less cutting, produce more juices and is a lot faster.

Another option is a masticating juicer.
This is the best juicer for every juicing need. It is effective in producing concentrated juices, can process many types of fruits and veggies and quite easy to handle. The downside of this juicer is it is relatively quite expensive and might not be the first choice for those looking for budget units. On the other hand, most units come from well-known brand and is known for its durability. If you are going to prepare larger quantity of juices, this can last you longer than centrifugal juicer.

3. Wheatgrass or citrus juices
If you are on a specific diet that includes wheatgrass or citrus fruits, you might want to try out specific wheatgrass or citrus juicer. These juicers are created to obtain the best juices out of wheatgrass and citrus fruits. Some manual juicers are able to produce wheatgrass juices so this cheaper unit is also a good option. Centrifugal juicer is not the best juicer for wheatgrass so you might want to avoid these types. Masticating juicer is great but as mentioned, they can be quite pricey. If your diet consists only of wheatgrass or citrus fruits, opt for a specialized juicer. However, if you are going to try other juices next time, choose a masticating juicer.

4. Cocktail and mixed juices recipes
The best juicer for this is a centrifugal juicer. Manual juicer works well too but if you are serving more people, you need something that can produce larger quantity juices. You are not looking to create the most concentrated juices. To make cocktail or mixed drink, you just want to get the juice flavor. Therefore, you don’t really need a complicated juicer to create the best recipes.

All and all, the best juicer for multi uses is the masticating juicer. However, you can always start with the basic manual juicer and then buy a more complicated juicer once your juicing need increases.

Making Bread Crumbs at Home

  • September 15, 2012 at 9:53 am

Have you ever thought about making your own bread crumbs? Bread crumbs are used for coating poultry, fish, meat and even potatoes before frying to give them a nice crispy skin. This technique is called breading. Some people use bread crumbs as a topping over casseroles or pasta.

For people who do not make their own, bread crumbs can be bought at a store, but making your own is very easy, fast, and economical. All you need is a few pieces of bread, a toaster, and a blender or food processor. I usually keep both ends of a loaf for this purpose, since nobody liked to eat them. Wrap them up and store them in the freezer. Wait until you have collected about eight pieces, then take them out to make the bread crumbs.

By that time they would have become dried. Use your pop-up toaster to toast the pieces of frozen bread. If your toaster has a defrost setting, use that first. Many toasters have this feature nowadays; you can check out the best toaster ratings website. The toast should not be too dark, a light or medium setting will do.

After toasting the bread, break them into smaller pieces to fit into the blender or food processor. Some people ask me which is better, food processor or blender? But for me it is no different. Take note that by blender, I mean using the small bowl or chopper that comes with it, not the big jar for liquids. That is practically a food processor. The next step is obvious. Chop up the pieces of toast until they become small crumbs.

If you do not have a blender or a food processor, it is still possible to make bread crumbs with a long bread slicing knife or any knife with a serrated edge. When the toast is done, pile the slices up into one neat pile, then saw through them with the serrated knife starting from the very edge of the toast pile. You will get a few strips of toast at first, but as you see the bread crumbs fall, you will get the idea. I hope you will find this website helpful.

The bread crumbs can be kept in the freezer again inside a freezer safe bag until you need them. I find that it is good to keep a bag of bread crumbs ready in the freezer in case I suddenly feel like cooking something that needs breading.

Breading chicken before frying is my particular favorite recipe and it is easy to do. After marinating the chicken, dry it lightly and coat with a thin layer of flour. This layer of flour will make breading easier. Then dip the chicken into the wet mixture of beaten egg, yogurt or butter as the recipe requires. The last coat is the bread crumbs. Put the bread crumbs on a flat and wide pan to make breading easier. Roll the chicken pieces around on the bread crumbs until all surfaces are covered. To make sure the crumbs will stick evenly, use your fingers to press all around lightly. Fry the breaded chicken until golden!

Breville Die Cast Espresso Machine

  • September 8, 2012 at 4:49 am

Espresso is a type of coffee which originated in Italy and has captured the heart of many due to its rich and thick aroma. Not all espresso machines can provide you with the best ever espressos but you will be surprised if you see
the Breville Die Cast Espresso machine at work! This unique machine has an in-built thermal block heating system which allows the coffee beans to be brewed under constant and adequate temperature. Good brewing would give you an awesome espresso.

Apart from that, the Breville Die Cast Espresso machine also has a special function known as the pre-brew function. It is not uncommon to hear that an espresso machine with a perfect brewing system for the beans but pre-brew system is definitely not something that you usually find in the machine. But, believe it or not, this machine comes with this function that allows the machine to clean itself before brewing your espressos. This not only maintains the quality of the machine but also of the espresso that it brews. Breville Die Cast Espresso machine is one of the best espresso machines available in the market.

This machine also has a Italian made 15-bar pump which adds to its awesome features that will make you want to own this best espresso machine. The stainless steel boiler provides even heat distribution that allows the coffee beans to be adequately brewed to get the thick, rich espresso. It also accounts for the long standing ability of the espresso machine without frequent amendment need to be done to maintain its quality.

In addition to the boiler system, the outside body of the Breville Die Cast Espresso machine is made of stainless

steel as well. This can explain the strength of the machine and its ability to tolerate any minor kitchen accidents which can cause damage to the entire machine but it will never happen with Breville. You can read information on other Breville espresso machine reviews here.

One of the most common problems that the consumer faces when it comes to brewing their own espresso is messy kitchen environment. I totally agree that making an espresso in your own kitchen is not an easy job. It can be such a hassle if you do not have the accurate equipment.

But, don’t worry as this machine has just the solution you need. The 1 litre drip tray that comes with the machine can cater for large amount of espresso being brewed. It also reduces the risk of spillage of espresso. Isn’t that awesome! You don’t have to worry about messing up your kitchen while preparing your very own home made espresso!

The machine also comes in with an extra large warming plate to give you the best ever espresso in the comfort of your own home! The appliance comes in with great quality and I can guaranty you that you would not be disappointed if you choose this as your espresso machine of your choice because it as good as it looks. You will be surprised on the efficiency of the machine and just try the espresso that it brews for you, trust the taste would not leave you and you would not leave this machine!